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We started the process back in April 2022 at the Home and Garden Show. We visited a few vendors but sTABle were the only ones who offered a  one-stop shop that included the GC, so we wouldn't have to follow up any design plans by interviewing and selecting a GA. We were not on a time plan so we weren't in a particular rush to get our remodel started. The summer and early Fall were taken up with design reviews and looking at samples of tile, custom cabinets and fixtures and then the leadtime to have those manufactured and delivered. When we were ready to go we were hit with a few delays that we were happy to accept, plus we didn't want our remodel to start between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The project finally started in March and we quickly got to know and love Zach, the GC. Like any remodel you have to come in knowing that there are periods of frantic work, and then weeks of little or no activity as sub-contractors schedules allow. This is the reality of the situation that we knew coming in and not a criticism of TAB and Zach. The project probably took five months in all and came in on the budget we agreed in 2022. Our remodel included a complete new kitchen and appliances/fixtures that were delivered to the earlier time plan, so  there was a little cashflow squeeze paying for items not installed until several months later. However, the time, effort and detail that went in to the planning of the kitchen was amazing, and to see as the countertops and appliances fitted exactly was validation that we'd chosen the right team. We are very happy with our remodel and would highly recommend the team.

-Stewart, September 2023

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