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12 Days of Design

As the holidays approach, you've probably been busy sprucing up your home and creating a festive and inviting space for you and your loved ones.

As a special gift, here are 12 days of design that we want to share for you this season!

1. Stop being trendy!

The past few years made us spend more time in our homes than ever. Now is the time for you to "do you!" Make your private space a place where your heart sings! Have an office space that you feel happy to stay in and look forward to returning to every day. The best design happens when you ignore what everyone tells you to do, and you let your personal style shine! If you are unsure on what that is or how to let your style speak, our specialty is to discover that with you.

2. Select the right furniture

You might be tempted and buy something at the big box store when it's on sale... but will it fit through your door and your intended space? Will it last? A classic quote that I love is, "you get what you pay for". It's exciting to find what you think is a good buy, but make sure it's actually a good buy! You might end up buying something on sale that works for today, but in the long run, you'll end up buying over and over... doubling your expenses! Focus on buying the right item once.

3. Know your space

This goes hand in hand with our tip above, not only can you invest in the wrong furniture, you might end up buying the wrong size, too. Make sure you measure your space and the pieces before you purchase... your future self with thank you!

4. Artful placement

Finding the right pieces of design is half the battle. The next challenge is finding the perfect spot to hang them in properly. Hanging artwork is a skill, and doing it incorrectly can detract from the piece instead of showcasing it.

5. No more matchy, matchy!

It's perfectly okay to choose a variety of metals and it is more fun to mix different furniture styles for an eclectic and interesting result. Remember what we said on the first day... it's fabulous to do you and incorporate mixed, layered, and unexpected looks. The key to mixing and matching is intention, and this is another specialty of ours. If you are ready to take a leap and mix things up, let's talk!

6. Start conversations

You bought the right furniture in the right size... the next step is to make sure you are putting it in its proper place to maximize results. Stop shoving things against walls, rather, think about how can you have a great and engaging conversation in your space. This allows you to focus on grouping furniture pieces towards one another and off walls to create more intimate and functional seating.

7. Go for outstanding

Most people buy a lot of inexpensive small accent pieces rather than investing in one spectacular piece they love that makes the room outstanding! It's worth saving up for one awesome piece and create a space around it. In the end, lots of little things often cost just as much as one good piece and make your space feel cluttered, uninteresting, and non-cohesive.

8. Reach different heights

Think of your space as a city skyline where your view has an intriguing mix of scale and shapes. If everything is the same, your room reads boring hot mess -- and that's not something you are looking to achieve!

9. Rugs, rugs, rugs

Area rugs are the icing on the cake, but it's challenging to find the right size for your home. A rug too small makes your room feel disjointed and cheapens the look, while one too large can be overpowering and look silly.

10. The gift of time

Don't be in such a rush to complete a space. If you allow yourself time to really think things through, envision the results, or allow time to create an amazing 3D photorealistic rendering, you'll get the chance to really see how things will come together for you!

11. Be patient during projects!

Lead times for products are still lengthy and the construction industry is busier than ever. Nothing good happens overnight, and some projects can take weeks, months, or even a year to complete. Ensure to give yourself time when it comes to starting your project, keep expectations realistic, and always remember that patience is a virtue!

12. The gift of ease

Everything we shared to you are great tips you can follow, but the best way to have a smooth-flowing project where you have all your wants and needs met with a stress-free experience is by working with a professional interior design team that knows all the ins and outs of the business.

If you feel inspired to get started in making changes in your home, reach out to us and let's create the home of your dreams!

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