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A Punch Of Bold

Updated: Feb 21

Moving to a new home is never easy. There’s so many things to think about, people to coordinate with… in some ways, it’s a never-ending to-do list. But the best part about moving is turning your new home into a place that’s truly yours!

A recent client of mine welcomed a new chapter into their lives when they moved into a senior-living community. They were excited for the change, and reached out because they wanted to spruce up their new home. They wanted their place to be different and special compared to their neighbors’ homes.

Their new home already came with great features, so we added bold patterns and bright colors to really make it stand out. The huge sectional offers a lot of space to sit or even lay down on while watching TV and enjoying a fire.

Wallpapers strategically placed throughout the home elevate features of the rooms, while still staying true to to the home’s overall look and feel.

The end result is a beautiful home that has no dull spots. My clients were so happy with their new space that now we’re working together on Phase 2!

Moving into a tract home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. If you’re starting a new chapter in life and want to elevate your space, too, then book a New Life Chapter consultation with me. We’ll talk about your plans for your home, and how we can make it stand out from the rest.

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