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Mixing Old and Fun

Updated: Feb 21

There’s nothing like living in a home with history. The bungalow homes from the early 1900s became rare after the 1930s. Today, a few of these homes are still available, and they’re considered a treasure by their homeowners.

My client is one of the lucky few people that has an original American-style bungalow from the 1930s. The house didn’t reflect her fun and adventurous personality. She came to me for help. She loved the home and wanted to respect its history and unique style, but at the same time, she wanted it to be a place where she could express her own style freely, as well.

We kept the architectural layout of the home and went all-in on the decor. My client loves colorful patterns, and we selected patterns that fit well into the home.

The home’s layout meant that space is limited. Since my clients love to bake, we made sure to make the kitchen spacious. The layout tells a story by following my client’s baking process to maximize the space.

We featured my client’s antique collection all over the house, adding to the fun personality and overall charm of the home.

My client was thrilled when they saw the outcome of their new home! It was still the same bungalow style, but now it showcases their fun and adventurous lifestyle, too.

Your home should always reflect who you are, and it should be functional to meet your lifestyle. If you think it’s time for your home to have a makeover as well, then book a New Life Chapter Consultation with me! Let’s collaborate to turn your house into the home of your dreams.

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