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Sitting Pretty

Updated: Feb 21

There are times when you want a change... and there are times when you need it! When it comes to your home, there will be tell-tale signs when it’s time for an upgrade.

A client reached out to me for the exact reason. Their living room needed a change, because most of their furniture was old and worn-out.

Now their new living room is nearly unrecognizable! We used custom furniture designed for the space, and made sure that all of the decor will be resistant to stains and wear and tear.

The clients thought their old fireplace was boring. We used customized shelving to make it match the room’s look. Now, it looks sleek and modern! Definitely a piece to appreciate even when it’s not being used.

We gave the home a bright and coastal vibe. As a couple with wanderlust, we gave the home a feeling of being on vacation all the time.

My clients were so happy with how their room turned out! Best of all, we made sure to select furnishings and fabrics which are resistant to stains and wear and tear. The new living room provides ample space for sitting, relaxing, and lounging… for humans or pets alike!

Even the furbaby approves! ;)

Change is inevitable in life, and sometimes your home needs it, too! If you find your home to be giving you more headaches than rest from the constant repairs and worn-out furniture, it’s time to book a New Life Chapter Consultation with me. Let’s turn your life around and make your home brand new again!

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