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Meet Patricia Bonney



Fabrics, tiles, pattern, color… everything interior design excites me! I started the journey of launching my own practice because I wanted a new challenge while doing work I truly love.


Nothing brings me more joy than envisioning and bringing things together through interior design. The big smile on your face is how I know I’m doing things right! I love collaborating and working with clients, especially those who are embarking on a new chapter in their lives.


If you’re in a position where you’re struggling to envision or make decisions for your remodel, then reach out to me. I’m excited to work with you to bring your luxurious space to life – a space that’s made just for you, that matches your unique style and that is everything you desire.


I invite you to book a New Life Chapter Consultation call so that we can make your design dreams come to fruition.


Look forward to meeting you soon,


Expert Interview With Trish



Meet Maira Santos

Interior Designer | Maira Santos | Stable Design To Build

Newest designer Maira Santos was born in California but considers herself a Colorado native at heart. Her love of travel has allowed her to experience and fall in love with varieties of design styles and culture. She also found an interest in people’s way of living especially what makes “home” a home for each person. In 2016 she graduated from The Art Institute receiving her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Interior Design. After graduating Maira has been a design assistant for a variety of different design firms as well as a successful asset to Kravet Inc. in the Denver Design Center, specializing in soft goods.

Maira now creates amazing 3D models and design schemes for client projects, allowing them the opportunity to conceptualize their vision before they embark on their design journey. Her love of travel, design and culture inspires her to create unique spaces for each client and she is eager and thrilled to start new adventures with Stable Design To Build and all their wonderful clients.


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More About Patricia Bonney

Trish Bonney is the Owner/Principal Designer of TAB Interior Designs (now Stable Design To Build), a Denver-based firm that specializes in remodeling spaces for clients as they start a new chapter in their lives.


Trish has had several chapters of her own in life. She started her career in the United States Air Force at 18 years old, eventually accomplishing 20 years of successful Active Duty service. While in the military, Trish completed three degrees and received her Master’s in Education and Instructional Technology just months after retirement. 


Upon retiring, Trish elected to pursue her lifelong dream of being an interior designer, and that’s when TAB Interior Designs was born. Today she’s known for her innovative vision and her tenacity in tackling design challenges. She runs her firm with an emphasis on collaboration, enthusiasm, and respect.


Trish has been recognized as an Emerging Professional in Kitchen Design by the American Society of Interior Designers.


When she’s not changing people’s lives through design, Trish enjoys volunteering in her community, particularly on projects that help with up-keep and that respect local architecture.

Interior Designs | Trish Bonney | TAB Interior Designs

Transformation Consultation

Congratulations on welcoming a new chapter into your life! With it comes a lot of changes –  and your home shouldn’t be the last thing on the list. We invite you to book a New Life Chapter Consultation, which is a one-hour collaboration where we discuss how to bring your desires for your new home to fruition.


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