Creating strong foundations with each of our clients

Our clients are our motivation to push our own creative boundaries and build truly unique, remarkable spaces. Here’s what some of them have to say about working with us.

We had Trish and Zach help us out with our master bedroom design, entryway design and even to put a door between our master bed and bath. Trish definitely has a mind for design and seeing our house as a whole and not just individual rooms. She instantly knew what our style was as a couple just by walking around for 2 minutes. From there, she took those concepts and found furniture and a design that ties our whole house together. Everything was very professional and Zach even had to put up with my crazy french bulldog the entire time. They did a wonderful job and would recommend them as a trusted contractor that takes responsibility for their work. Thank you all so much!

Joseph D.

I love working with everyone from TAB Interior Designs. They are professional, responsive and do what is right. I highly recommend using them!

Ashley W.

Trish is very professional, patient and super kind!  I love working with TAB Interior Designs, and if I ever need an Interior Designer for a future project, I will certainly turn to TAB!

Sarita T.

Trish is an AMAZING designer. She is the real deal who can complete a project initial renderings to beautiful final touches. She’ll do both small and large projects.

Bethany W.

Trish had a tough bathroom remodel to work with.  We didn't want to redo the shower, floor or vanity and she was able to present options that worked well with existing fixtures as well as give it the spa-like feel we were going for. She really listened to us and I love my bathroom!

Shelley H.

My wife and I live in a small townhome and we were needing advice on what to do in our living room. Trish came over and gave us her professional opinion and helped us pick out furniture that would best utilize the space. Thank you so much Trish for all your help!

Stephan M.

We had TAB take over a job that was started by another firm that misrepresented their ability to do a whole house remodel. They were able to pick up and run with the choices we had made previously and came up with colors and designs that my spouse and I loved. I have been very impressed with how organized they have been. You will love working with them!

Mark L.

sTABle design to build came out to build our fence. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and respectful. We would use them again and recommend them to anyone looking for any kind of home construction/design

Georgina G.

We started the process back in April 2022 at the Home and Garden Show. We visited a few vendors but TAB were the only ones who offered a  one-stop shop that included the GC, so we wouldn't have to follow up any design plans by interviewing and selecting a GA. We were not on a time plan so we weren't in a particular rush to get our remodel started. The summer and early Fall were taken up with design reviews and looking at samples of tile, custom cabinets and fixtures and then the leadtime to have those manufactured and delivered. When we were ready to go we were hit with a few delays that we were happy to accept, plus we didn't want our remodel to start between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The project finally started in March and we quickly got to know and love Zach, the GC. Like any remodel you have to come in knowing that there are periods of frantic work, and then weeks of little or no activity as sub-contractors schedules allow. This is the reality of the situation that we knew coming in and not a criticism of TAB and Zach. The project probably took five months in all and came in on the budget we agreed in 2022. Our remodel included a complete new kitchen and appliances/fixtures that were delivered to the earlier time plan, so  there was a little cashflow squeeze paying for items not installed until several months later. However, the time, effort and detail that went in to the planning of the kitchen was amazing, and to see as the countertops and appliances fitted exactly was validation that we'd chosen the right team. We are very happy with our remodel and would highly recommend the team.

Stewart L.

A designer/contractor duo, Trish Bonney and Zach Staples make up an integrated team who compliment each other. The design needs were minimal, the construction demanding: 1,500+ square feet of continuous tile in six rooms including three closets, then complete redo of floor and shower in the guest bath. Subcontracted to lay the tile, Roman managed all the tiling in three weeks.What made this even more demanding was an error on the part of the warehouse. They sent 20mm thick 24"x24" porcelain tile where 10mm had been ordered. Now twice as heavy and needing to transition to 10mm tile in adjacent rooms, Roman met the challenge with no compromise to ascetics.sTABle Design manages multiple jobs at a time, which had minor impacts on completion. However, part of this was due our need to reoccupy our condo a week earlier than anticipated.sTABle Design came in ~$5,000 below budget, in spite of the warehouse error. Eight weeks from completion they came back, after being paid in full, to address some minor defects in baseboard caulking. I highly recommend them.

Dan S.

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